About Us

Golden Age Established in 2007 as a small firm where five young professionals pursued big dreams. We pursue boundless dreams by accepting challenges that others timidly avoid. We believe that a strong will can make dreams come true, and that limitless efforts can overcome any obstacle. These beliefs from Golden Age's history remain the driving force behind our growth. We aim to become a creative company that grows continuously throughout the future.
Golden Age which have adopted this challenging spirit personify its path to growth. Golden Age is successfully responding to challenges of world market and competition. In addition to their essential motives to make business and profit Golden Age's team is very motivated to preserve the value system of the company as the main reason for its existence. The company encourages individual qualities and engages the team to a maximum to make their capabilities very useful to the company and society as well.

Who We Are

We had nothing to rely on but a little technology and 5 trusty comrades. Consequently, Golden Age's management became based on everyone exerting their maximum efforts, and dedicating their lives to earning the customer's trust -- all believing in each other, abandoning selfish motives, and feeling fortunate to work for the company. Human minds are said to be easily changeable. Yet, there is nothing stronger than the human mind. Golden Age became what it is today because it is based on a bond of human minds. Our practice of the Golden Age Philosophy and the Amoeba Management System are both extremely important for this.

Our Philosophy

The Golden Age Philosophy relates to life and management. Its central principle is to

"We Do Business For Your Better Life"

Our Mission

Golden Age strives to become a world-class manufacturer of furniture, provider of I.T securities and General items (General Order supplier). We are committed to a constant improvement in the designs, systems and quality of our products and services. Our goal is to give the customer best value for money. Our earnest endeavor is to upgrade the skill, the knowledge and the standards of living of all employees to international standards.

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